Nothing more special

There may be no more special time in a couples life than their wedding day. Whether it is a large scale traditional affair with hundreds of guests or an intimate gathering to celebrate your love; the day is one you will remember forever.

The past 10 years of wedding MCing have shown me that the wedding reception is about one thing: you. Having the opportunity to not worry about the day and just concentrate on being with loved ones, friends and each other.

In the lead-up

As your MC, I pride myself on quickly understanding what is important to you and your partner and then making it happen.  I will liaise with reception staff in the lead up to your wedding, and on the big day to ensure the highest level of coordination and confidence.

We will develop a clear plan of the running order for your reception so you feel confident and excited about your day.

On the day

Your wedding day is when all of the planning, the excitement and anticipation comes together in the most beautiful of human expression. You are there with your family and friends celebrating the beginning of a lifelong journey. The MC’s role in all of this is to seamlessly ensure that the celebration is one that you will remember forever.

Prior to the wedding day, I will have confirmed all set up and arrival timings with the venue, catering and entertainment. I will be on site ahead of these timings to ensure everything is going smoothly and ready to go.

During the event, I will check in with you to ensure you have what you need. From there, my role is ensuring that proceedings run to time, speech makers are supported and every one is comfortable and having an amazing time.

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